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Monday, October 1, 2007

An Exordium

Hmmm....This note is not to introduce a cinema fanatic called Charles Foster Kane aka Antonio Ricci. I shall evolve with each post. You'll get to know a lot of other things regarding me. Following are the excerpts from my interview with myself. Quite sui generis. No?

What prompted you to start you blog?
Well, I wasn't too sure about starting a blog. Previously I had commented under this pseudonym at a few blogs. On an inoffensive note, I'd like to mention that I had to undergo through a lot of irksome situations while commenting. In this world of self-proclaimed geniuses and "great," "open-minded" persons you get blitzed when you try to shed light upon their misdeeds and flaws. This happened with me several times. I was told to shut up. Even when I showered praises. Some "cinema worshippers" didn't quite understand my name and got into battle with me for my "loathsome" comments. My comments got deleted when people regarded them as very uncomfortable. Isn't that quite good? The deletion of my comments "comforts" someone - this very feeling makes me happy.

But WHY and HOW the blog?
Why are becoming so impatient? Don't question me before I tell you to.

Okay. I'm sorry. But will you please oblige?
Yes, I will. Let me come to that point. When I started experiencing this sorts of events I felt that I should have my own medium to communicate with cinema fanatics like me. Then the idea of blog started enveloping me slowly. There's one my friend who blogs under the signature "movie bug." He's a youthful guy and very enthusiastic about Bollywood, which I am not very fond of. He runs a blog too. But, nonetheless, he's a cute guy. He saw my comments at other blogs and was very impressed. He indeed took all the necessary steps to start a blog for me. I'm very grateful to you, my friend. But he put an amazing condition. He said I'd have to sign the posts in the name, "Movie Bug," the same he uses. I know, this is very hard for anyone to believe. But that's the truth! And I agreed! So my journey started. Throw your next question, please.

This is my last one. What can we expect from your blog?
I have a principal aim to discuss everything about cinema. Just EVERYTHING!! But I hate gossiping about the private relation of stars or discussing what undergarments would two high-profile senseless, idiotic wannabe stars (read, horrible actors) in their high-profile, media-shy wedding. I detest that. But I will nitpick to a certain extent, keeping in mind not to cross limits. I'll also discuss arts, culture or whatever possible. It hurts me when people walk away with accolades which they don't deserve. I'll speak on that in future. But I will appreciate when there's something appreciable. A lot of things will be revealed in course of time.

So let's begin this fanatic journey!!!

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